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The Refresh

Skin needing a reset button? This 45 minute facial is completely customized to your skins needs. It consists of a double cleanse, enzymatic exfoliation, massage, corrective serums, cold rolling, and customized mask + finishing products leaving your skin silky smooth. Excellent before events, after a long day at work, or as monthly maintenance.  Ideal for all skin types or if this is your first ever facial experience! 

Or try this facial with dermaplaning by booking "The Face Space Refresh + Dermaplaning"

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The Derma Glow

This 45 minute treatment will have you glowing. Non-invasive resurfacing treatment, Dermaplaning, removes dead skin build-up and peach fuzz to brighten your complexion, and allows for optimal product penetration. Followed by a calming mask , corrective serums, and hydrating finishing products. Best for those looking for smoother, brighter skin. 

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The Facial Infusion

Facial Infusion generates a 30-day collagen production increase by delivering a 2.5% retinaldehyde and potent custom blend of actives on the dermis by liposomal delivery . It is unique because it avoids damaging the epidermis and has little to no down time. The Facial Infusion enhances results for acne, aging, and hyperpigmented skin. This treatment is customized by adding powder blends, stem cells, and actives for increased correction.


The Glass Skin Facial

A  New Face Space Fave! If you are looking for an immediate glass skin glow, this is your answer! 


This is an innovative Korean skin care treatment that addresses an array of skin issues. This advanced technology contains concentrated hyaluronic acid spheres to safely penetrate the skin. This system contains PDRN & Epidermal growth factors to address skin restoration, acne scaring, fine lines, dullness + texture. There is no downtime with this facial making it a great pre-event pick me up!


This facial includes dermaplaning but can be substituted for a different exfoliation technique if dermaplaning isn't desired. 


Level 1 -Anti Aging Treatment 

A total skin regeneration treatment.  Utilizing 8 different amino acids, AHA, BHA, PHA and tranexamic acids, this treatment gently resurfaces the skin and improves skins elastic and collagen production by selective degeneration of aged proteins. 

This is a great introductory treatment to chemical peels as there is no down-time and you will be left with an immediate glow. 

Make this a Level 2 treatment by adding on dermaplaning!

Skin Types: Safe for ALL
Concerns: Dry, Dull, or Aging Skin
Pro tip: Add on microcurrent for an enhanced lift  + smoother skin!



The Acne Peel

A unique blend of acids specifically designed to treat active acne + acne prone skin. This is gentle blend that does not require any down time. Best done in a series as part of our Acne Program. 

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Level 1- Congested Skin Peel

This treatment is a great introductory treatment to chemical peels. A c02 treatment that contains active ingredients derived from grape acids for lightening, as well as a patented blend of AHA, BHA, Tranexamic Acids that improved acne, hyperpigmentation, + dull and troubled skin.

Make this a Level 2 Treatment by adding on Dermaplaning!

Skin Types: Safe for all
Concerns: This peel is ideal for those congested pores, acne prone and true
oily skin.


The Acne Program

This program has a 97% success rate with clearing acne. This is a 12 week program. This initial treatment includes a full customized skincare routine to take home, a full skin evaluation, sensitivity test, and your first treatment. You will be asked to come in bi-monthly for successive treatments (booked + billed separately

BF acne 1.jpg

The Hydro-Glow

Customized HyrdroFacials exclusive to The Face Space that are sure to leave your skin better than ever!


Level 3 Peels

Our more advanced peels treat concerns such as acne, scarring, texture, and hyperpigmentation. We do require you to already have been seen by our skin experts to receive these peel. These are not currently bookable online. Ask your skin expert about these options at your next appointment!


The Tone+Lift

A work out, but for your face. This treatment is exclusive to The Face Space and combines microcurrent, advanced skincare modalities, + and lifting mask that mimics the effects of Botox, leaving the skin plump and volumized. This treatment is designed to rejuvenate the skin, smoothing out fine-lines, wrinkles, and helping to eliminate under eye puffiness + jowls.

Best for those looking to eliminate the signs of ageing. 
Pro tip: Results are accumulative! Consider doing a series of these treatments! Alternating with mini-microcurrent treatment and our anti-aging peel! 


The Add-Ons!

We offer various add-ons such as microcurrent, dermaplaning, hydrojelly masks, and more to customize and enhance your treatments!

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